Cooperation and solidarity between communities and peoples

Justice and social, economic and environmental dignity

Our organization

CVCS – Centro Volontari Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (Volunteers Center for Development Cooperation) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in Gorizia – ITALY in 1980, mainly engaged in the fields of International Development Cooperation and Global Citizenship Education


Cooperation and culture of peace

CVCS promotes cooperation and solidarity among communities and peoples for the respect of the fundamental rights of everyone and everywhere.


Rights and equity

Through its projects in Italy and around the world, CVCS strives for social, economic and environmental justice by fostering volunteerism and active individual and community involvement.



CVCS invests in partner relations and human resource development: cooperation projects and territorial initiatives aim to foster empowerment and participation, particularly of young people.


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Some of our projects

Burkina Faso

Renaissance 2

This initiative is part of a program to promote mental health and the rights of people with mental illness that CVCS together with its partners launched in 2018 in Burkina Faso… intends to develop the strategy implemented with the Renaissance project, concluded in 2022…

Ivory Coast


The beneficiaries of the project are minors and young people in conditions of family, social and economic fragility and in conflict with the law with the aim of promoting access to basic education, vocational training …


Restoring Justice

The project contributes to the social and community reintegration of adolescents, young people and adults with criminal responsibility through the implementation of programs and services provided for by the reform of the justice system and also aimed at the active involvement of civil society in the dissemination of restorative culture in Bolivia…

Recent news

22 January 2022

Fare il tirocinio in CVCS: la storia di Chiara.

Chiara Fomentin, studentessa iscritta al secondo anno di laurea magistrale in Diplomazia e Cooperazione Internazionale, Università degli Studi di Trieste, ci racconta com’è andata la sua esperienza di tirocinante in CVCS. Ho iniziato a collaborare con CVCS a luglio 2021, inizialmente per un periodo di tre mesi circa durante il quale ho volto presso l’organizzazione […]

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CVCS - Centro Volontari Cooperazione allo Sviluppo


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