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Universal Civil Service - Civil Peace Corps

CVCS with FOCSIV is an accredited body to participate in calls for the selection of volunteers of the Universal Civil Service and the Civil Peace Corps.

The Universal Civil Service is the voluntary choice to dedicate a few months of one’s life to the non-armed and non-violent defense service of the homeland, to education, peace among peoples and to the promotion of the founding values of the Italian Republic, through actions for communities and for the territory.

The establishment of the Civil Peace Corps represents an almost absolute novelty in the European and world panorama, an experimental model that aims to seek alternative solutions to the use of military force for conflict resolution.

SCU and CCP projects offer young people the opportunity to live an experience of solidarity in Italy or abroad, to experience their skills and competences, as well as to enrich themselves personally and professionally.

CVCS proposes SCU projects in Italy, Bolivia and Ivory Coast and for CCP in Ivory Coast.

To apply for the selection, you must:

  • wait the publication of the Calls that will be available on the website;
  • consult the CVCS projects that will be published on our website and on the FOCSIV website to choose the one that best suits your profile;
  • verify that you meet the requirements;

send the application following the instructions contained in the Call.


CVCS has been hosting internships for some years under agreements signed with the University of Trieste, the University of Udine and other training institutions, with the aim of encouraging the involvement of young people in the areas of competence and at the same time satisfying the needs of support for their activities.

A quality internship, guaranteed by the support of an expert tutor and moments of supervision and monitoring, offers a high professional value.

To request further information, applications, or propose new agreements, send an email or call our office:
+39 0481 34165

Become a volunteer

Volunteering is one of the founding principles of CVCS and even today an essential resource for building relationships of solidarity that are the basis of all the activities of the Organization.

You can collaborate with CVCS in the organization of meetings, events and exhibitions or to offer your professionalism in the realization of a project.

To request further information or applications, send an email or call our office:
+39 0481 34165

Become a member

To become a member of CVCS and share its objectives and commitments, you can send a written request addressed to our Board of Directors.

According to the Statute of CVCS, members have the right to:

  • participate in all the activities promoted by the Association, receiving information and having the right to verify, within the limits established by current legislation, by this Statute and by any regulations of the Association;
  • elect the corporate bodies and to be elected in them;
  • express their vote regarding the approval of the resolutions of the associative bodies, any new regulations and amendments to the Statute;

consult the social books at the headquarters of the Association upon written request to the Board of Directors.

Members are obliged:

  • compliance with the Articles of Association, the Internal Regulations and the resolutions taken by the corporate bodies;
  • the annual payment, within the terms established by the Assembly, of the membership fee that is non-transferable and not revaluable and, in no case, can be returned.

The following subjects can obtain the status of member: natural and legal persons, public or private, bodies, foundations, recognized and unrecognized associations that contribute to the purposes of the Association with contributions in cash or securities in an amount not less than that established annually by the Board of Directors; subjects who join on the basis of a multi-year commitment and who lend the activity voluntarily.

The members undertake to make available to the Association, according to their skills and abilities, what is necessary for its vitality.

To request more information or apply, send an email or call our office:
+39 0481 34165


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